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Something for everyone and as welcoming as your favorite piazza, ANA lets you savor farm-to-table foods made on the spot and relax in a sunny nook in Hudson Yards. ANA’s can be as fast or as casual as your day requires. Energize your morning with a full-breakfast service of coffees, organic juice, pastries and superfood bowls or stop by later to enjoy a tantalizing feast comprised of colorful vegetables, farmstead meats and sustainably sourced fish. Pizzas from our beautiful oven and rotisserie sandwiches round out the incredible array of offerings.


But the fun keeps on coming as the day turns to night: the entire space transforms at 4pm into the perfect happy hour spot with craft beers on tap, signature cocktails, natural wines, and pizza.

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Where people come together to enjoy and experience the freshest of flavors made right in front of you. Our daily rotating seasonal menu will let you enjoy some of your favorite selections, or discover something wildly new. Let your senses guide the way! 

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ANA utilizes natural ingredients which we source from local farms whenever possible. We treat these foods as Mother Nature intended by focusing on the ingredients themselves rather than hiding them. Let your tastebuds experience the wonders of what nature has to offer. 

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Constantly reinventing and tinkering with our recipes to give you the highest quality meals.

We focus on 

Natural local and seasonal ingredients

Fresh produce delivered each day 

Made simply on site from start to finish

Prepared portion by portion, pan by pan 

Curated recipes

Market atmosphere

No artificial ingredients or additives 

Careful preparation

Homemade creations

Natural flavoring using fresh herbs


Café Area 
Sunday-Saturday: 9am-6pm

Market Table
Sunday-Saturday: 11am-4pm

Cocktail Bar
Sunday-Saturday: 11am-9pm

Pizza Station
Sunday: 12pm-6pm & Monday-Saturday 11am-7:30pm

Taco Station
Saturday: 11am-7:30pm

map of Hudson Yards
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